350 kWp Hospital building in Otwock (Mazowieckie voivodeship)

350 kWp Hospital building in Otwock (Mazowieckie voivodeship)

  • Installation capacity: 350W
  • Inverter model: KACO Blue Planet
  • PV modules: SUNPOWER Performance with a capacity of 405W
  • Number of modules: 864
  • Structure: Van der Valk
  • Estimated savings in the period of 20 years amount to as much as PLN 4.5 million


Description of a completed project

The project of a distributed photovoltaic installation on a hospital in Otwock with a capacity of 350 kWp is definitely one of the largest such power plants built on public buildings in Poland.

The power plant designed by EN2 Fotowoltaika for a hospital near Warsaw was arranged on the roofs of as many as 5 buildings of the unit.

The main attribute of the installation are the SUNPOWER Performance PV modules installed there, each with a capacity of 405W. These are some of the best and most efficient modules available on the market today. The panels have a 25-year warranty. SUNPOWER is renowned for its refined technology, which is used in hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide. SUNPOWER is also used by NASA.

The panels, due to the specific location of the buildings, were installed at different angles of excavations, which posed quite a challenge for the constructors. The installation was designed and constructed in accordance with the highest safety standards.

The the heart of the installation are inverters from the German manufacturer KACO New Energy, which, like SUNPOWER, is one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world. The structural components were supplied by the Dutch company Van der Valk Solar Systems, whose structural systems are considered to be extremely innovative. The advantage of placing a PV installation on Van der Valk components is certainly the simple erection and thus the speed of installation works.

The capacity of the installation is 350kW, obtained thanks to as many as 864 Sunpower Performance 405W modules and 15 KACO Blue Planet inverters connected to each other by automation, which manages the entire system and collects data.

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