Smart Energy from Energynat

Thanks to the Smart Energy service, Energynat Solutions customers receive 100% green energy at the lowest price. Want to save more?


Smart Energy

Smart Energy is an innovative service which consists in managing, as well as optimizing the costs of energy purchase through the use of photovoltaic power plants and other sources of renewable energy.

To participate in the green revolution, energy does not have to come solely from our own RES sources. For our customers we also design individual energy purchase models based on TGE RDN indices, cPPA contracts or provide certified green energy in cooperation with our energy sector partner Veolia Contracting Poland.


The energy produced from all locations is balanced (“transmitted”) between all customer power takeoff points. Energy from power plants having a surplus is billed to takeoff points where there is currently a shortfall in energy production or no RES installations.

In case of a shortage of energy, this energy, in the form of 100% green electricity, will be supplied to the designated power takeoff point at the most favorable price, according to an individually developed purchasing model.

Smart energy consists in the construction and connection of distributed (from a few to several dozen) photovoltaic power plants, as well as other RES sources, into one energy system, the so-called virtual power plant.

Smart Energy provides for the use of a variety of optimization tools, such as a favorable ratio of the energy production profile of PV power plants to the price of energy sold on the market. Peak energy during the day is the most expensive, when the PV plant produces surplus energy that can be sold at a profit on the energy exchange and bought back, for example, at night when energy is cheaper.

Smart Energy for LGUs

For Local Government Units (municipalities, municipal companies, etc.) we offer Smart Energy services also in ESCO formula

Stage 1

Energynat Solutions invests in the construction of PV installations on the property of the municipality or municipal companies.

Stage 2

Local government units pay only for the actually consumed energy, produced by the photovoltaic (PV) installation according to the rate specified in the contract with the guarantee of the lowest price!

Stage 3

It is settled under a simple lease agreement with no capital expenditure and no additional maintenance and service costs.

Stage 4

Each successive monthly energy payment is a step towards independence and self-sufficiency for the individual.

Stage 5

At the end of the lease term, Energynat Solutions transfers ownership of the installation to the local government unit. The installation will generate free electricity for the next 15–18 years!

Stage 6

An energy self-sufficient municipality is formed

Benefits from implementing the service

Up to 20% more savings compared to a PV-only investment

Our customers gain access to lower energy prices (DAM, balancing market)

Quicker return on investment compared to building your own PV installation only

100% self-sufficiency – the designed network of power plants will be able to cover 100% of the company’s demand for electricity, also in places where the installation of photovoltaic panels is impossible or difficult

Smart Energy means additional income for the company – possibility to sell unused energy

Comprehensive support

We offer our customers full assistance as regards the electricity trading

About the Company

RES specialists

We specialize in the design and construction of roof-mounted PV power plants, co-generation, electromobility, services for balancing surplus energy produced to other takeoff points, the sale and repurchase of green energy, optimization of consumption profiles and energy purchase costs, using cPPA models and TGE exchange mechanisms.

We also specialize in services of balancing the surplus of energy produced to other takeoff points, sale and repurchase of green energy, optimization of consumption profiles and energy purchase costs, using cPPA models and TGE exchange mechanisms.

Smart Energy

Our technical solutions are complemented by tailor-made, flexible energy purchase and settlement models based, among others, on energy exchange indices.

The target of PV installations offered by us are primarily small and medium-sized companies. To large companies and local authorities, we offer an innovative energy transition service based on moving to 100% renewable energy (RES), guaranteeing, in addition to financial benefits and security, a significant reduction in the company’s carbon footprint and its negative impact on the environment.


Together we create and deliver innovative solutions enabling energy transformation

Energynat Capital Group is one of the fastest growing entities of RES industry in Poland, supplying more than 350 MW of components for PV installations annually and creating innovative solutions for the energy transformation of companies and local governments. Our team is made up of experts in the RES industry.

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